Road Stories

When a band like ELI has been together for forty years, you know there are some great stories of things that have happened along the way. The tales told from the road are sometimes shocking and sometimes scary, but for the most part, these accounts of the past are usually some of the funniest things imaginable.

This section of our website will be gradually filled by tales of action and adventure from both members and fans so make sure to check back every so often to see the additions!

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Where Are They Now?

Over the last 40 years there have been more than 70 amazing players and performers that have been a part of the ELI Rock and Roll Legacy. One of the questions the band gets asked the most is, “Whatever happened to THAT guy?” There have been many that have continued living the dream and have gone on to bigger stages and bright lights and many that just settled down, had a family and just love to tell the stories of the ELI Days. The most amazing part is how many of the guys that have been a part of the ELI family have kept the music as a big part of thier lives. Once you have the music in your soul, its hard to get it out!


And The Little Dog Too…

Submitted by Corky McCollum – Long Time ELI fan

In the early 1970’s my parents Jack & Marianne, owned a little bar/restaurant called The Cellar in a small Georgia town that was close to nothing special. Milledgeville, was a booming “micro-opolis” that was more famous for being home to one of the largest mental institutions in the Southeast than it was for being a sheer hotbed of entertainment, but my folks and the band ELI were determined to make a difference in that particular viewpoint.