Over the last 40 years there have been more than 70 amazing players and performers that have been a part of the ELI Rock and Roll Legacy. One of the questions the band gets asked the most is, “Whatever happened to THAT guy?” There have been many that have continued living the dream and have gone on to bigger stages and bright lights and many that just settled down, had a family and just love to tell the stories of the ELI Days. The most amazing part is how many of the guys that have been a part of the ELI family have kept the music as a big part of thier lives. Once you have the music in your soul, its hard to get it out!

We have kept in touch with many of those from the ELI Family and have created this Where Are they Now Page so all of the fans from the many years can see where their favorite ELI members have gone. Not only does this page include the latest info on many of the old members of ELI, but many of the guys that worked with stage support over the years. Check back here often as stories and updates will be added over time so you can find out what became of your favorite ELI member!

Got some info on an Ex-Member? Send it to us at eli@elirocks.com

Curtis Clark : Bass

Kelly and Curtis were playing in a band out of Arkansas called Paper Tiger when he left to join Eli. Curtis came along with the band. Curtis sent us his update in an email and here’s his response.

“Since leaving ELI in what….1987…I moved to Atlanta in 1990 and formed an original band called the Blacklight Posters which after landing several placements on video games and ESPN sport soundtracks, i actually won an EMMY AWARD for a song i wrote for the FOX Network. In 2003 i started a karaoke that features a live band called Metalsome Inc. which is still going strong, selling out night after night for 6 years now. Who knew that so many people love to sing with a rock band. Celebities such as Matt Sorum, MIke MIlls, All American Rejects, Incubus etc..have all got up and sang with us, even the late Kevin DuBrow of Quiet Riot. I also toured for two years as a sound engineer for a guy named Angie Aparo who has written a few songs for Faith Hill and Big & Rich.”

“I currently run the 10 High Club in Atlanta and perform with Metalsome Inc. and i am also gearing up for hitting the road again with my newest band called Tex-Kiss which is a southern rock KISS tribute band which mainly plays southern rock and country music…ZZ Top, Skynyrd and some KISS.”



Rodney O’Quinn

First and foremost, my time in Eli was some of the best times in my life. Much love and respect to my brother from another mother, Kelly Love and Charlie Roberts. Many days, I wished I still lived in Tallahassee, hangin’ with the Family!
I experienced a culture shock after leaving Eli in 94 by taking a house Country gig in Panama City Bch, Fl. for a year and a half. After that, I was burned out on playing and took a break from it all. Spent the 4 years driving tractor trailers, enjoying the open highway. About 2000 I climbed out of the driver seat and into construction sales. Started playing around my hometown area, Melbourne, Fl. on weekends with various projects.

Happily married with a son, step son and a daughter. (Hers, Mine and Ours) It took me a few times to get it right, but I wouldn’t change a thing.

My my 40th birthday, I reached a point of wanting to do something “BIG” just one more time. Sometime shortly after, I joined the Pat Travers Band ( Boom,Boom Out go the Lights, Snortin’ Whiskey) Since then I’ve been all over Canada, Europe and the US playing load and proud. Be looking for a new CD to be released this summer.



KT (Kevin Tetz) : Singer

After leaving Eli in fall of 1989, I traveled out west for one more shot at Rock –N- Roll with a Swedish group named Sin City. We wrote and recorded an independent album, filmed a video and toured the states only to come back to showcase to labels in Los Angeles who were keenly interested in the new Seattle sound…. Which was NOT what Sin City sounded like!. I came back to Tennessee and picked up my other vocation, repairing and restoring cars. After a few years of catching up financially (rock-n-roll don’t pay so good…) and honing my skills in the body shop, I formed “Paintucation.com” a video production company that produces automotive “how-to” instructional DVDs for restoration buffs and people that want to learn the trade of automotive refinishing. Paintucation has been going strong since 1999 and has opened many doors for me, including guest spots on several automotive TV shows, as well as hosting three seasons of a series on the DIY Network called “Classic Rides” and my current hosting position for TRUCKS! TV on Spike network, of which we’re in our 4th season with the current lineup off me and my co-host Ryan Shand. I’ve also been a free lance automotive journalist, writing tech articles for several automotive publications over the past 10 years. I enjoy restoring vintage cars, jamming with friends when the occasion comes up. (yes, the pipes are still there!) But mostly I enjoy spending time with my wife of 20 years Judy, and our three absolutely spoiled dogs. I’ve been lucky enough to keep up with the ELI crew over the years as well as several alumni and look foreword to the time when we can do the big reunion! How about it guys?



Warren Fambrough : Sound Engineer : 89-94

I do a lot of corporate production, video projection, etc., and mix bands on the side, short tours here and there… I do a lot of ABBA cover bands, believe it or not!



Frankie Asther : Bass

After my departure from Eli in 1989, I moved back to my hometown of Atlanta and continued to play in bands, but none as good or as much fun as Eli. I finally called it quits in 1996, went to school, and eventually got a real job at the Veterans Hospital in Atlanta where I’ve been for the last 14 years or so. I still play locally on weekends in a band with other seasoned ex-pros, and believe it or not, the money is practically the same as it was then which is kinda sad. But hey – band money for me these days is just spendin’ cabbage.

Thanks to Kelly and Linda for giving me a place to live in Tallahassee. Oh yeah, I co-wrote “Long Tall Baby Doll” with Kelly in 1988, but I’m STILL waiting on my first royalty check…. Peace & Love

P.S. I still dream about Kelly Clinepeter & The Seeces

www. FrankieAster. com


Dave Wolf (AKA Dave Brown, The cat skinner): Vocalist

As the vocalist for Eli, I think it was 1990 through 1993, I have many warm and fuzzy memories (At least the ones I can remember). The best of them were the fans and friends we made along the way. It was like we had little families everywhere! Whenever we would play Jackson, MS, Panama City, FL, Troy, Al, Birmingham, AL, Valdosta, GA, Anniston, AL, and so many others, there was always a feeling of being home. All of you who supported us those years, I would like to thank you. You will always have a special place in my heart. Oh, & I remember Kelly Love getting a Vitamin B shot in the butt.

After leaving Eli I moved to Birmingham, AL did a little all original project. Then moved to New Jersey (It’s cold), played the scene there & New York City (Cold & crowded). Spent 5 years freezing & moved back to Alabama. Three feet of snow in one night was really just too much!

I thought I would put my rock & roll life to rest but the Fates had me by the (expletive deleted) and sucked me back in. I am currently screaming with the Tuscaloosa, AL based band Mother Pandora, rocking out & swinging from the truss.

I’ve been married to my lovely wife, Kendal, for 2 years now (She keeps me in line & she’s hott!). We have a daughter, 2 dogs, & 19 pairs of Chuck Taylors. I do some art on the side (yes, I did do the cover art for BEWARE OF THE DOG) and I enjoy a warm cup of Earl Grey by the fire.

I look at my life. Damn, it’s good to be me…. Or is that Gene Simmons?



Chuck Darling, Drums/Vocals (1973-74, 1975-80)

When I finally retired from the ELI road, I moved to Largo, FL where I played with 3 groups (The After Midnight Band, Dazzler and The Sevilles) over the next 19 years, opening for The Turtles, Three Dog Night, Gary Puckett, Felix Cavaliere, Dion, The Association, Blood Sweat & Tears, just to name a few. I took some college-level music courses and in 1986-87 I studied with renowned drum teacher/author Ted Reed. I tried semi-retirement at the start of 1999, but still wound up playing for two years during the week on a dinner/dance cruise, as well for most any gig that would come along, including playing with Jack Sigler & Mercy (“Love Can Make You Happy”). I did some commercial singing and voice-over work and have been involved in various recording projects.

I have been blessed to meet and to get to know my heroes, Dino Danelli of The Rascals and (my dear friend) D.J. Fontana, who played live and in the studio with Elvis from 1955-68.

I still live in Largo, and have been married to my wife Nancy since 1985, I am stepfather to Carrie and Jeff and grandfather to Jessica (16) and Scotty (13) and we have two cats, Farkas and Putin. I presently play drums and sing with The SunCoast Band and at Anona United Methodist Church in various capacities.

Back in the day, we often wondered if there was “life after ELI”… There actually is “life after ELI”, but ELI will always be such a huge part of my life! I love to tell ELI “War Stories” (as Nancy likes to call them)… The years spent with ELI were incredible, life-changing and so wonderfully memorable!

Thanks for the memories!



Roger Salandi – Bass

After getting off the road with the band in 1981, I continued to engineer and mix for one more year in the 16 track studio we had built. I went to work in 1982 for the Florida Department of Labor as a statistician in labor market analysis. I worked my way up and began running the entire program in 1989. Fast forwarding to 1999 had me accepting an offer to manage the very same program in Atlanta for the state of Georgia, which I continue to do today. I love my work and the people I work with. Moving to Atlanta also gave me the opportunity to be with Tamyra, my lovely girlfriend of many years, who works in the same field as I do, on the federal side.

Aside from our careers, Tamyra and I have been active in caring for feral cats in the city, and trying to do our part to keep the population under control through trap/neuter/spay/release methods. And we’ve adopted a lot of them ourselves. It’s very rewarding, and we get a lot of help from our veterinarian.

My years with the band were action packed to be sure. Most importantly, I’ll always remember all of the friends I made along the way, and all of the great experiences that came with those years.

I still play, but mainly just goofing around on my home studio. Life is good and I’m content. It’s nice to be here. It’s nice to be anywhere. But now I’m tired of talking about me. Why don’t you all talk about me for a while?



I’ve been doing killer , I’ve moved back to Orlando , married with 2 bad ass boys(Keagan 7 and Donovan 5). I have a killer job setting up conventions (well making sure it happens from my scooter). since I got off the road with ELI, I haven’t touched a light board since (kinda by choice) but I miss being out on the road with those silly guys; Rodney (I’ll get us there) O’Quinn, Kelly (I can play that) Love, Will (give me $5 and I’ll set up your drums) Hunt, Dave (well hang on this might a few skint cat, hair growin,fake age ,I need a tattoo)Brown, Wolf Jaux (cat)Jaux Rob (I’ve got the beat , everybody get on your feet , oh I was singin’ sorry), Warren (that could mix paint in a hurricane he was so good at
mixing)Fambrough, Scott (WHAT!)Foster to Billy(I don’t do trailer duty) K. Snd then there’s Charlie (I’ll book at a Waffle house and a cake walk but youguys are still working huh?)Roberts

MAN I HAD FUN !!!!!!!!!!!


Craig Gleason – Guitar 1979-1982

I remember the first time I saw Eli, My band in Atlanta, Blackjack was playing in Milledgeville , Ga across the street from The Cellar at a little club I think called Pazziano’s. Blackjack always had a packed crowd , but that night there were 3 people in our club and across the street at The Cellar was standing room only. I went over and saw THEM for the first time. Several years later I was one of THEM. I left my band Blackjack in Atlanta after 7 years of watching Eli kick our tails and decided it was better to join them than fight ‘em. I had acquired and Eli-dentification.

I was in the band with the original Elites. Chuck, Cook, Charlie, & Roger. Scoot was running lights & Top Cat was running sound. This was toward the end of a long era of incredible times at Auburn, UGA, Old Miss, and all the rest of the old haunts. Finally, I got out with a desire to do mostly original music in a different direction. I was looking for more answers in regard to music and life. I was searching for answers that can only be found when one digs deep, past the shallow surface of what we are at the moment. I found it about a year later when I became a born again Christian. (funny thing is Jim Henry, the original Eli guitarists did the same thing). I put the guitar down for about a year and studied the scriptures, got ordained, travelled to Poland, Nigeria, Guatemala, got married had two girls, who we home school, moved to Tampa, back to Atlanta and I am still married to my wife of 23 years, songwriting, playing and getting the message out. I stay in regular touch with Chuck Darling & Roger Salandi, and recently back in touch with Mark Trudeau who took over drums after Chuck. I also saw Eddie Usher a few years back, Eddie played bass after Roger. Life ain’t perfect, but I know who I am and where I’m going.

Come visit me at www.guitarplayerguy.com and www.craiggleason.com